If you’re trying to boost your home value for resale, you’re always trying to find that delicate balance between spending enough on improvements to really add value without sinking too much money in a home you’re trying to leave. Some homes need expensive renovations in order to stand out on the market and those repairs can be greatly improved with some simple, relatively inexpensive DIY projects.


Before diving into a full-blown renovation or a specific remodeling project, it’s very important to make a budget you can afford — and stick to it. However, even the best laid plans often go astray, so keep in mind that sometimes life gets in the way. As such, remember that the proposed timeline could change depending on the size of the project. If you plan ahead, you can keep a level head when problems arise.


Install new light fixtures

While most home projects involving electricity aren’t recommended to DIYers, switching a light fixture is easy and safe (as long as you shut off the power to your home at the breaker box). As Smart Assets notes, dim and/or unattractive fixtures can take away from an otherwise spectacular room. You want your home to shine and spending a couple hundred dollars to replace those outdated fixtures is a task worth doing.


Build an organized closet

In just one day and for as little as $100, you can add value to your home by organizing your closet. Wire or wood shelving units are cheap and easy to install if you have a few basic tools. When people tour your home, they look in your closets. As Popular Mechanics points out, people can’t see the actual storage space available in the closet if it’s cluttered. Organization doesn’t cost much and can create a world of difference.


Spend a weekend adding some greenery

Anyone can plant flowers, bushes, trees and shrubs. Check out a local nursery and spend a weekend doing some landscaping. You can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value through enhancing your curb appeal. Popular plants that are best for boosting curb appeal include easy-to-care-for and shade-tolerant plants such as hydrangeas and catmint.


Make a small improvement to the bathroom

While a total bathroom renovation is neither cheap nor DIY-friendly, there are plenty of small tasks you can do in a few days. Some good options include adding clean, fresh tile to a shower, replacing old wallpaper, updating fixtures, or installing a new under-sink cabinet or vanity.


Improve your entrance with a faux stone walkway

Once again, curb appeal matters –  a lot. One way to spruce up your outdoor elegance is with a faux stone walkways leading up to your front door. You also should consider adding a new light fixture and repainting your front door. These updates can add value for less than $200, according to HouseLogic.


Install some crown molding

You may look at a mostly perfect room and think there’s just something missing. Nine times out of 10 that last piece of the puzzle is crown molding. All you have to do it procure some decorative wood, cut it to your room’s specifications, paint it and install it with finishing nails. It’s a weekend DIY project that will make every room pop and add tons of value to your home.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to add value to your home. Whether you’re trying to sell in the near future or just making your house the best home it can be, these projects will do the trick and will not take too much out of you. However, before you start making DIY repairs/improvements to your home, make sure you find out what your home’s worth so you’ll know exactly how much real value you’re adding with each swing of the hammer.


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